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CHMS Supply List
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Tuesday, July 18, 2017
CHMS Supply List for 2017 2018

Chapel Hill Middle School ~ Suggested Student Supply List

Every Student at CHMS Needs:

One Three-Ring Binder (many student find that zippered binders help with organization)

o   The binder should be at least 3 inches wide

o   The binder should be of durable quality

7 Dividers (many students find that the dividers with pockets are helpful)

A good supply of white filler paper

Pens and Pencils

A Zipper pouch that fits into the binder to hold pens/pencils 

Note: Paper Folder /Journals / Small Spiral Binders ~ Many teachers may ask students to bring a small spiral binder or paper folder to create an “Interactive Notebook” within their classroom.  Teachers will share with you about this during the first weeks of school.


Student Responsibilities for the Notebook:

  1. Bring the notebook to ALL classes EVERYDAY.
  2. Complete assignments and place them in your notebook.
  3. Keep a supply of paper and pencils in your notebook.
  4. Place homework and worksheets in the notebook.
  5. Clean out the notebook when directed to do so.

Parent Responsibilities for the Notebook:

  1. Keep the notebook supplied with paper, pencils and other consumables.
  2. Make sure your student uses the notebook in the correct manner.
  3. Make sure the notebook is replaced/repaired when necessary.    


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