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 Introduction to Chapel Hill Middle School

Chapel Hill Middle School serves approximately 1,075 students in grades six through eight with a professional staff of sixty-eight teachers. CHMS has a diverse student population, which is made up of seventy percent minority students. Approximately fifty percent of our students qualify for the Free or Reduced School Nutrition Program. Thirty percent of our students are served via the Gifted and Talented program while seven percent are served through the Program for Exceptional Children.

The Chapel Hill community continues to strive to become a model middle school. We are guided through this journey by our mission. It is the mission of Chapel Hill Middle school to develop the whole child - academically, physically, socially, emotionally and creatively. We understand that Academic Excellence must be at the forefront of all that we do. Our staff has maintained our commitment to high standards for all students for over forty years.

The Chapel Hill faculty has spent the last several years growing in our understanding of delivering a relevant curriculum to our students with both depth and breadth. Our exploration and experiences with the Georgia Performance Standards have taught how to better prepare our students for high school, college and career pathways.

Our total school community has grown as a result of enhanced teacher collaboration. Chapel Hill teachers work well together. They are motivated and student-focused. Our staff has grown over the last several years with cooperatively planning curriculum, instruction and assessment for students. Additionally, students are challenged and expected to meet the challenges provided for them. The culture of academic excellence permeates Chapel Hill. Our students continue to hear that "success is your only option." Students come to understand that they will be supported and challenged to demonstrate excellence in all that they undertake.

Our school is focused on enhancing our repertoire of solid and motivating instructional strategies. We know that we must constantly reflect on teaching and learning in order to develop our students to their fullest potential. Our teachers are working to ensure that classroom activities are engaging and relevant. To do this, we must make a conscious effort to self-evaluate after each lesson or activity. Additionally, student input must be valued and sought out in order to gain student buy-in in the classroom. We are committed to developing more cooperative learning experiences for our students, utilizing technology, and creating challenging performance-based tasks for our learners.

We expose our students to "exemplars" of quality work and provide them with specific feedback in order to maximize their learning opportunities. We know that all of our learners must become personally invested in what they should be able to "know, understand and do" in all areas of their school career. Wildcat teachers continue to dedicate a great amount of time to working on helping students understand the value of revision. It is quite rewarding to watch a student come to the realization that he or she can reflect on his/her work, get feedback from teachers or peers and make changes that significantly improve the quality of their work product.

Chapel Hill teachers are true team players. They have become adept at making cross-curricular connections and helping students to see relevance in their academic tasks. Teams of teachers work closely together to make sure that students have multiple opportunities to make real-life connections. The total school community has embraced the commitment to academic excellence. Chapel Hill students understand they must put forth their best reading, writing and listening/speaking/ viewing skills in each and every area of the building. The support for quality work in all areas of reading and writing is as evident in our gymnasium as it is in our school media center. New students quickly learn that "At CHMS we are all in the same boat, rowing in the same direction."

The past several years have manifested amazing growth with our understanding of teaching and learning at Chapel Hill. We will continue to work on our skills and delivery methods to reach today's learner, while maintaining our commitment to high standards and high achievement for all Wildcats.