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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Chapel Hill Middle School. We look forward to getting to know you and working with you. To make your transition a little easier, we have put together this sheet of helpful information. Following are the answers to some commonly asked questions. Welcome!

SCHOOL DAY- The school day is from 8:25-3:40.

CAFETERIA PRICES- Lunch is $1.60/day. Breakfast is .90/day. You can pay monthly, weekly or daily.

NOTEBOOKS- Each student will need one 3-ring binder with dividers, filler paper, and a pencil pouch (binders should be 3 to 4 inches wide).

STUDENT HANDBOOKS- On the first day of school, each student will receive a school handbook. This is an important reference for the students and the parents. The handbook will stay at school with the student for the first week where it will be reviewed in class. It will be sent home after that time.

AGENDA BOOKS- Each student will be given an agenda book. Not only do the students write homework assignments in this book, but it is also used as a means of communication between the teachers and parents. You will need to check and sign the agenda books every night. You will then know what your student's assignments are and if any teachers have written notes to you. This is assigned to students as a textbook and should be kept in textbook condition. There is a $10 replacement fee for lost Agenda Books.

AGENDA GOAL SETTING PAGE- The Agenda Book goal setting page is located in the front of the agenda book. Parents will be asked to review the goal setting page with their student each month. Parents will be asked to sign the Goal Setting Page twice a year.

SIGN-IN- Whenever you arrive at CHMS, please stop in the main office, sign in, and get a badge.

LUNCH- Parents/guardians are permitted to eat lunch with their student. To eat lunch with your student, please enter the main office and sign in to receive a visitor pass.

CLASS VISITS- If you would like to schedule a classroom visit, please call the office.

BOOKBAGS- Bookbags may be brought to school. However, they must be kept in the student's locker during the school day. GYM BAGS- Gym bags, drawstring bags, and duffle bags are not permitted. Students should bring a small plastic grocery bag for gym clothes.

WEBSITE- The school website can be accessed via the Douglas County webpage at To view the CHMS website, click on the middle school link
on the county website. The CHMS Newsletter is posted on our website.

ILLNESS- When your student is sick send in a written excuse to his or her homeroom teacher the next day. Make sure your student asks his or her teachers for make-up work.

MEDICATION- ALL prescription and non-prescription medications must be brought to school by a parent. A note must be sent and in turn a medicine form will be sent home to be filled out and returned to the office. Empty bottles will be sent home to let you know a refill is needed. Inhalers stay with the students as long as they are labeled by the pharmacy and the school has a medicine form on file in the office.

HOMEROOM TEACHERS- The homeroom teacher will be your point of contact. If you have any information you would like to get to all of your child's teachers or would like a conference with the team, touch base with the homeroom teacher. He or she will pass the word on to the others. If you need to set up a conference with your student's team of teachers, feel free to contact the homeroom teacher.

SCHOOL COUNSELORS- Each grade level has a school counselor. The counselors work with the students on academic planning and classroom guidance. If you have concerns regarding your student, please contact your student's counselor. The counselors specific services are detailed in the student handbook.

SCHEDULES- Chapel Hill follows a seven period day. Classes rotate so that each student can experience his/her classes at various times of the day. Students follow each of the three schedules (Week A, B and C) for one week at a time.

CLASSES- Students will have different teachers for math, science, language arts, social studies, and reading. Sixth grade students will also have two -Connections classes‖ each nine weeks. These may include Physical Education, Art, Study Skills, Health, Technology, Foreign Language and/or Band/Chorus.

PHYSICAL EDUCATION- Students dress out for P.E. each day. Students need dress out clothes and an agenda book only during gym class. NO money or valuables should be taken to the gym.

LABELING ITEMS- Place your student's name on everything: coats, book bags, P.E. clothes, lunch boxes, etc.

LOST and FOUND- Lost and Found is located in the office and all unclaimed items are given to charity on the 1st of each month.

STUDENT CHECK OUT- A parent needs to come into the office to check a student out of school.

NUISANCE ITEMS- No toys or nuisance items are allowed at school. If items are confiscated, then a parent must pick them up. No MP3/IPOD devices or other electronic items are allowed.

SCHOOL STORE- There is a school store where pencils, poster board, pens, paper,
etc. are sold. The school store operates during homeroom time.

BEVERAGES- No open containers are allowed outside of the cafeteria. Soda cans as well as juice boxes are permitted at lunch. No glass or plastic soda, Gatorade or refillable bottles are allowed.

CELL PHONES- Cell Phones ARE NOT allowed at school. If you need to contact your student due to an emergency, please contact the office. If your student needs to contact you due to an emergency, they will call you from the main office. All activities have a standard pick-up time. Therefore, students do not need to call you for a ride. A ride should be waiting at the pre-determined time.

DRESS CODE- Read the DRESS CODE section of the School Handbook. There are several differences in the middle school and elementary school dress code.

INCENTIVE CARD PROGRAM- Set a goal to obtain a Wildcat Incentive Card. These cards are given for excellent grades, behavior and attendance. Incentives include treats at lunch, free and reduced admission to home sporting events. Homework passes and passes to eat at the picnic tables with friends are also offered. Most importantly, students with incentive cards are able to purchase Sportsfest tickets in advance.

QUESTIONS- If you have any questions that weren't answered, feel free to call the CHMS Main Campus at 770.651.5000.