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The installation of Type to Learn for all CHMS students is currently in beta/pilot status. Students and parents may receive errors or have issues at any time.

Learn to Type: Install Type to Learn Software for Free

Douglas County School System has made available a typing program called "Type to Learn 4" for Chapel Hill Middle School students.

Type to Learn 4: Agents of Information will improve student typing speed and accuracy by teaching how to type more efficiently. The program has more than 100 lessons, 5 engaging, skill-targeted typing games with each lesson, and 7 diagnostic, formative, and summative keyboarding assessments.

All students may download and install the program on personal computers for free during their time at Chapel Hill Middle School. Students currently enrolled in CTAE classes such as Business and Computer Science have accounts fully setup and activated.

Students and parents may request an account by contacting Chris Wilson at the following address:

Access Code: 2PZNJ7


Student Login information:
Username:  student lunch number
Password:  student last name (Capitalize first letter)  (Any hyphens and/or spaces are removed)

Click Here to Access the School to Home Install Instructions (Quick Guide for Expert Computer Users)

For more detailed information regarding the download, installation, and tech support of Type to Learn, click here.


You are encouraged to click each file link below to learn more about why keyboarding is important; and, to see tips and pointers for helping with your child at home when using the program.

Source: Type to Learn Teacher Guide

Why Learn to Type?
Sample Keyboarding Rubric (how students are often graded on keyboarding assessments)
Proper Keyboarding Techniques