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Parents and community members have opportunities for observing students in the educational setting through a number of established activities and events. Special events are scheduled to showcase student endeavors. Examples are: Academic bowls (spelling bee, geography bee), musical and dramatic presentations, art displays, Business Back to School Day, athletic events, and awards ceremonies. Parents participate directly in the instructional program through PTSO, volunteer work, field trips, school advisory committees, and individual parent/teacher conferences. If parents wish to arrange individual classroom or school visitation, they will be provided the opportunity. Visitations should be limited to two class periods during the school day.

The following guidelines will be observed:

Make your request to the Principal at least 24 hours prior to the requested visitation time. In your request, please state the purpose of the visit.

• Sign in at the front office to receive your visitor’s badge. You will then be escorted to your student’s classroom.

• During your visit, refrain from engaging the attention of teachers or students through conversation or other means.

• Remain as inconspicuous to the instructional process as possible.

• Return to the office at the end of your visit to check out and return your badge.

• Lunch visitation-Parents/legal guardians may eat lunch with their student only.

Parents should sign in at the office and obtain a lunch pass. Parents will be informed regarding a designated eating area.

For the safety of the students, no unauthorized persons are allowed in the building without administrative approval. Students not enrolled at our school are not allowed to visit during the school day due to unnecessary classroom interruptions, which are detrimental to the learning process. Visitors are under the supervision of the administration while on campus. Any questions or concerns regarding your visit should be referred to the administration.